Saturday, October 29, 2011

Get online to drive the growth of your small business

Maybe your small business is not yet online, and you're thinking about how a website could be used to generate sales and lift the profile of your business in your market.

Or maybe you've already got a website for your small business, but it's not generating anywhere near the type of traffic and prospects that you had hoped

There is absolutely no question that online marketing is one of the keys to the future growth and even viability of your small business ......and it's not just for the big corporate end of town. But you've got to get educated in how to leverage Internet sales and marketing for your business. And I've come across a great non-commercial resource site that can help you

The Australian Government has  an online resource to help Australian small businesses understand how the Internet can benefit them.  At the Winning Business Online website, there is a training program offered that is funded by the Australian government that helps businesses who are yet to get online, or they may have an existing online presence but are needing to improve  their understanding and skills.  The site offers free and low-cost seminars.

Watch out for people promoting expensive Internet marketing and SEO services - there is much you can learn and do yourself.

For more than the past five years, online marketing has definitely been driving the growth and success of my management training business - I was self-taught and I'm certainly not a tech. You can learn to master this. For some more tips on website and online marketing, see SEO for Small Business