Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Your Attitude : Friend or foe to your small business

Do you focus on what you can control?

There are many things you cannot control that impact upon your small business. These include things such as an uncertain economic climate, the inevitability of BAS, government business policies and interest rates to name just a few. 

However, what you can control is the attitude you adopt in dealing with these things. ....... So how would you describe your attitude?
You can put two different people in the same situation and one will see a threat whilst the other sees an opportunity. 
Your attitude determines how you navigate your way through life's challenges.

Your attitude reflects in everything you do - it is sometimes referred to as the Law of Attraction, which essentially says that the thoughts and expectations you have influences what comes back to you.. By recognising the power of your attitude in shaping the destiny of your small business, you take a big step towards building a more prosperous future.

In deciding to make a friend and ally of your attitude, you are committing to adopting a positive approach  to how you face the challenges, pressures and uncertainties of small business. A positive attitude is not just about being optimistic and having self-belief that you will find a way to deal with any problems - your positive attitude will actually start to have an influence on the environment around you.

A cheerful manner reflects a positive attitude 

A positive outlook will usually shine through with a naturally more cheerful and upbeat manner ..... which in turn will help lift the spirits of other people around you, including your family, staff and customers. 

You can see this type of dynamic happen every day - when you smile at someone, most people can't help but smile back. We all prefer to be around happy people, who seem to be able to find things to laugh about and be grateful for

Yes, each day you will have to put some effort into rejuvenating your positive attitude and keeping it an ally. You will need to consciously banish any negative thinking as soon as it starts to creep in ......, However you will find that with this way of looking at the world, you begin to notice small things that you can better appreciate - things that in the past you more than likely have just taken for granted.

6 tips for cultivating a positive outlook

So what can you can do to cultivate and nurture this positive attitude? A few simple things include...
  1. Get a hobby that you find fun, or maybe spend more time on the one you have - this helps to keep you fresh and interested in life
  2. Think of good times you've had, rather than dwelling on any regrets or disappointments
  3. Get in the habit of complimenting other people as much as you can ..... Even small acts of kindness stimulate positive endorphin's in your body - which help you feel good
  4. Exercise and keep yourself reasonably fit - mind, body and emotions are all inter-connected
  5. Be open to learning and trying new things - regain your child-like curiosity of the world around you.
  6. Remember to take regular short breaks during the day - and ensure you take a holiday every year. Do not allow your business to consume you - there is much more to life than your business. 
You might like to also have a look at Self Motivation Tips, which offers a great list of other ways to stay positive

Have no doubt that investing in a positive optimistic mental outlook and a lighter, cheerful mood will eventually deliver a steady stream of dividends for your small business. 

You will become the type of manager that employees will gladly want to do their best work for. And you will be the type of supplier that customers will  be happy to do repeat business with.

So, are you wearing a smile or a frown - it's your choice, right?