Sunday, December 4, 2011

Small Business - The Chistmas break-up party

There was an interesting article recently in a Small Business blog that offered some useful reminders on holding the annual Christmas Party. The article noted that the Christmas function is a perfect way to show your staff how much you have appreciated their efforts throughout the year.

Thinking about what your staff might actually appreciate in return is important, if the function is going to serve the purpose of helping to strengthen morale and team spirit. The Christmas function for your business should be an event that is personalised, relaxed and enjoyable. Here are some tips on how to plan a great work event: for your small business ....

1. Try not to be a scrooge

We’ve all got at least one horror work Christmas party story, where there was nowhere near enough to eat, nibble or drink. Yes, it's been a tough year for those of us in small business, however try and be as generous as you can afford - or maybe consider choosing something else instead of a Christmas break-up function..

2. Make it personal

Memorable gifts for your employees do not need to cost a fortune; it’s the thought behind it that counts. You must plan well ahead so as to allow extra time to purchase personalized gifts - it might be a subscription to their favourite magazine, or a family movie pass, or tickets to a concert. Reflect on what your staff like to talk about during the year. Make sure they haven’t already gotten it for themselves before holiday time, and if not then you might buy it for their holiday gift.

3. Be responsible with the drinks

Make sure any alcohol at your event is served responsibly. Choose a safe venue with access to public transport, perhaps provide cab vouchers or encourage nominated ‘non-drinking’ drivers. Ensure that serving staff at the function are briefed on limiting or denying alcohol to intoxicated staff and make sure that you yourself set the right example with the consumption of alcohol. Many of us have heard stories of the intoxicated boss who turned into a ridiculous buffoon after a few too many Christmas drinks.

4. Plan for both your staff and your budget

Consider what your staff would enjoy - however,obviously you must plan within your budget and what your business can afford.  From experience, staff tend to be more interested in a family friendly, open and relaxed affair than a more exclusive event.

With the above suggestions in mind, I think you'll find a well-organised Christmas function that helps to reward staff for their efforts and loyalty during the year is a sound business  investment for retaining a motivated workforce for next year. All the very best to you for Christmas - and thanks for visiting our blog.

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