Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mastering Your Small Business - Anthony Robbins

Many of you will have heard of Anthony Robbins, the top selling author and popular motivational speaker. He was recently in Australia and delivered a seminar on some of the essential keys to small business success.

He highlighted the high incidence of small business failure in Australia and offered some tips and advice for avoiding common pitfalls.
  1. Anticipate the road ahead, so that you prevent having to react to events rather than being able to exercise some control
  2. Your own state of mind and attitude will determine the fate of your business
  3. Have the courage to take some calculated risks. Study your competition and learn as much as you can from them
  4. Commit to continuous improvement - first of yourself, and then your business. Your business environment is regularly changing and you must be able to adapt to this
  5. A sustainable business does not come from sales - it comes from building relationships with your customers and adding value to what they seek to achieve