Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The weak link in your small business.... is it you?

small business weakest link
We all know that under pressure, a chain will break at it's weakest point. In your small business, could that weak link be you?

At first glance, that may seem a rather ridiculous question. After all, you were the entrepreneur who had the courage and the vision to get out there and seize an opportunity. You've possessed the resilience and stamina to navigate the business through some difficult times ...... and you've shown the resourcefulness to run and even grow the business into a reasonably profitable enterprise.

So having displayed all of these admirable qualities, in what way could you possibly be the weak link?

Well for one thing, does the business still depend upon you? For your small business to keep on running, do you need to be present?

It may well be that you have staff working for you, but are these people trained to be able to run the operations without you? Have you effectively passed on some of your knowledge and experience to them? Are there adequate systems and procedures in place so that your staff know what to do without the need to be questioning you and relying upon you for direction?

Have you groomed someone who could provide leadership and supervision to the rest of the team in your absence?

If your small business is still dependent upon you and your presence, then you may well be the potential weak link........ And if so, what do you intend to do about it - and when?

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"One of the biggest threats to your business is not what you don't know, it's when you don't know that you don't know" (Brian Carroll)