Saturday, November 9, 2013

Small Business - If you're needing a dose of inspiration

Starting up a small business can be a rocky road 
small business inspiration
Hey, when you're running s small business you can have some bad days, right? ....... And there can be times when you just feel like throwing it all in.......... You think to yourself, who needs all  this crap!

Maybe the economy has slowed down and your sales have taken a big hit. Or your margins are getting tighter because the competition is getting tougher. Or someone you trusted let you down

Or it seems like all that you've been investing in sales and marketing recently just isn't giving you anywhere near a reasonable return. Or maybe all the long hours you've been working are starting to take a physical and mental toll on you ..... And what can make it even worse is when you also feel like your family or the people around you don't seem to understand or appreciate the sacrifices you've been making to try and make the business successful.

Yeah, running a small business can be tough, it can be lonely and there can be uncertainty at times. And at some point, many small business owners become discouraged and feel like they're hitting a wall ..... It can be so, so tempting to give up on the dream and give in to the feelings of despair and frustration.

To simply walk away and go back to working for somebody else .... Hey, let someone else take the risks. Let someone else put their house on the line if they fail. Let someone else worry about making wrong decisions. Let someone else worry about leases and taxes and paperwork and changes to regulations.

Turning things around

Well, when you're finding yourself in one of those dark places, it can be amazing what a small dose of inspiration. can do to turn things around. And most amazing of all is that often you find that when you are able to change your thinking and change your outlook - then the problems you've been facing don't seem quite so overwhelming!

Finding the inspiration to persevere

Here's some short video clips that I hope might serve to help refresh and rejuvenate the flame within ..... To help you re-connect with the energy, drive and determination that first lead you to start your small business.

When you re-discover the faith and belief in your own abilities to persevere and achieve what you set out to do - then you will also inspire the people around you.  Imagine one day in the future, if someone were to come up to you and say "You inspired me to follow my dreams and not give up"........ The fulfilment that will come from knowing you made a positive difference by the example that you set - whether to your customers, to your staff or to your family.

When you re-discover the reason why you are doing what you are doing - and feel again connected to your sense of purpose behind your sacrifice, then it might just become satisfying again. It doesn't feel so much like hard work when you are passionate about what you're doing.

The creative and motivational juices will surely start flowing again when you lift your head up towards the heavens, take a deep breath, feel the sunshine on your face and the wind in your hair, and affirm to yourself that you will seize this very day ...

If you would like some more inspiring and uplifting thoughts, then take a look at Inspire Yourself ..... I hope you've found something that has helped you in some small way.

About the author
Brian Carroll is the founder of a corporate training business, Performance Development, based in Melbourne, Australia.  He is a qualified psychologist and experienced business coach with a passion for helping people achieve their goals in life.