Small Biz Supporting Charity

Wondering How Your Small Business Can Help?
So what are some ways that your small business can give back to the community?

Many small businesses sponsor local sporting groups, such as junior football or basketball clubs. And many small business owners are members of their local community fund-raising groups - such as their local Lions Club or Rotary Club. They do great work raising funds for schools, parks and kindergartens for example

There is an article written by Valerie Khoo for the Sydney Morning Herald, in Feb 2013. She described how some entrepreneurs are building "giving" directly into their business practice, because of a personal connection with a cause.

In the article, she quotes Eugenie Pepper co-owns the business PLUM  which sells kids and baby fashion and accessories, baby wraps and sleep bags. "Five per cent of the sales of our sleep bags goes to SIDS and Kids, as well as giving in kind 100 baby sleep bags a year," says Pepper, who adds that they have donated approximately $120,000 over the last year.

So what do you want to do in your small business? ..... Sopporting a worthy charity is something you might consider as a way you can help. But why not get the whole team involved? It could be a great opportunity to build some team-spirit and gain the satisfaction of making a positive difference.

Ask your staff what cause they would like to get behind ...... maybe something like the annual fund-raising event that SIDS conduct with Red Nose Day

And here is just a small sample of non-profit organisations that are doing some great work and making important contributions to supporting disadvantaged people, homeless youth and making our communities a better place for all

Mission Australia 
"A vision of a fairer Australia by enabling people to find pathways to a better life"

  Salvation Army of Australia  
Thank God for the Salvos annual appeal, providing shelter and support for homeless people throughout Australia

CARE Australia is an Australian charity and international humanitarian aid organisation fighting global poverty, with a special focus on empowering women and girls to bring lasting change to their communities

    Villa Maria provide services to support the diabled and also residential care services for the elderly

  Make A Wish aims to put a smile on the face of children with life-threatening medical conditions and bring some happiness to help them and their families through difficult times

Kiva Logo    Empowering people around the world to become more self-sufficient through providing micro-loans ....... Enabling them to start-up or salvage their small business, in places such as Africa, the Phillipines and India - where a loan of $25 can make the difference in being able to plant a crop of wheat and then sell it at the local market. To run a small business and become self-reliant and be able to then provide food and shelter for their families