Customer Service - Getting it right

Exceeding Customer Expectations

The success of your business relies upon understanding and meeting your customer's expectations. But to set yourself apart from your competition means exceeding customer expectations. The following short video clip can help to remind you and your staff of this simple truth

Service Recovery

How do you recover customer loyalty after things go wrong? Have a look at this short video clip for some ideas that might help your business ...

Tips for dealing with irate customers

There are some things we can do that will very often help to defuse heated situations with customers who may be angry because they believe something unfair has happened

  1. Listen to the complaint without interrupting
  2. Don't take the complaint personally - they are angry about what's happened, you simply are the face of the business. So take a deep breath if necessary, so that you don't react with your own emotion
  3. Summarise their concern, to check you've got it right
  4. Apologise if they have been inconvenienced. You can do this without necessarily admitting fault ....."I'm sorry your flight has been delayed" ....."I'm sorry that you've been kept waiting"
  5. Show them you want to fix the situation and explain what you will do to try and resolve their problem   
  6. Consider your service recovery - do you need to offer the customer something free or complimentary, so as to restore some goodwill (eg. an airline flight was delayed for 2 hours and the airline offered customers a $20 food /drink voucher)
  7. After the complaint has been resolved, review your operating procedures to see whether there are ways to prevent recurrence of the issue