Inspiration to find your niche

You may have heard the expression "Follow your bliss" as a means to discovering your purpose in life........ If you're thinking of starting up your own small business, then chances are that you're looking at how to make money from leveraging your skills, strengths and interests. And if you can find a profitable way to do that, then you won't really have to "work" again - it will all feel effortless.

Here's an inspirational and passionate young entrepreneur sharing some of her experiences in finding her purpose and turning it into a business (which by the way, will be leveraging her skills in social media and communication) ....

Cultivating a positive mindset

Believe and affirm that you deserve to be prosperous, happy and successful in your business. 

inspirationMany people running a small business eventually come to recognise that their own personal mental and emotional state can have an influence on the health of their business.

Your thoughts and attitudes about money and success will have an impact on how you approach your business. These beliefs can become a friend or a foe to the ultimate profitability of your business.

If you speak to successful people in business, it's not long before you realise that they typically have a strong sense of self-esteem and self-worth. They embrace the feeling that they deserve to be happy - and that abundance and prosperity is something they feel very comfortable with.

Unless you have a positive mind-set towards being successful and prosperous, you run the risk of sabotaging your success in the future. So get the "inside stuff" right - and then the outside stuff will more likely start to take care of itself.

Having the courage to make mistakes

inspirationAnd talking about the "inside stuff", let's not neglect having the right mind-set about making mistakes. 

When you're running your own small business, the chances are you're going to make some mistakes - particularly when you need to be innovative and adapt to marketplace changes. The key is to reflect, learn and then keep moving forward .....

Do not allow the fear of making a mistake to paralyse you and prevent you from pursuing your dreams. This does not mean being reckless and neglecting to consider risk versus reward. However it does mean being able to recognise that after reviewing all of the numbers and the calculations, that you make an informed decision based upon facts and not ruled by fear.