Without doubt, one of the most important qualities you need to be successful in small business is possessing self-motivation. Becoming your own boss means that nobody else will be pushing you to get things done, or congratulating you for good work - all this must come from within. 

Yes, you've displayed self-motivation by starting up your own business - however, if you are like many people, then you may find that your motivation and enthusiasm wanes now and then, going up and down.

And at those times, it can prove useful to find something that helps re-ignite that inner spark - whether it be music, a story, going for a brisk walk or a watching a film clip that inspires you. You have to find something that re-kindles your creative juices and helps to get you energised again. So here's a few additional quick tips for refreshing your energy and motivation ...

  1. Remembering your why   It’s easier to stay motivated when your reasons for wanting to improve your life are fresh in your mind – otherwise motivation can all too readily dissipate as time goes on.

self motivation
So write down your reasons for wanting to make positive changes or pursue particular goals. Read them regularly to yourself to keep them fresh in your mind, and review the progress you are making towards them when you need a mental or emotional boost.
Having a clear sense of PURPOSE and remaining connected with this, can help to get you inspired and energised again.

2. Reduce distractions to allow you to focus 

If you’re feeling scattered and unfocused, try working in a secluded spot, closing the door for some quiet, or even wearing earplugs to shut out excessive noise. Once the distractions are gone, you might find your motivation increasing as you find yourself being able to focus and concentrate on what needs to get done.

3. Warm up with some easy stuff

If you just can’t get yourself motivated to tackle that big, foreboding project that might be a bit overwhelming - then get to work on some smaller tasks first so you can warm up to the bigger ones. Once you get moving and build some momentum, then you might feel motivated and ready to start on that bigger task!

4. Humour to get you energised

This short clip that has a somewhat humorous, but also somewhat inspirational look at self-motivation ....

This short video clip offers some good advice on how to convert your ideas to action

Another site that offers some great stuff to help uplift your spirits is Inspiration

self motivation